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Dr. Rohan S. Toor DDS Gum Disease Dentist for Ventura community

Dr. Rohan S. Toor DDS Gum Disease Dentist for Ventura community

Painful, swollen, and red gums characterize gum disease. A person may also bleed. People with gum disease should visit a dentist for a checkup. Gum inflammation, or gingivitis, is frequently brought on by a bacterial infection. If neglected, it could develop into the more dangerous illness known as periodontitis. On the other hand, periodontitis is a dangerous gum infection that can harm soft tissue and kill the bone that supports the teeth.

Dr. Rohan Toor at Rohan Toor Dental Care has 5 years of experience in treating gum disease. Please call (805) 639-3050 to schedule an appointment or to know the cost of gum disease treatment near Ventura, California.

Do I need Periodontal therapy for Gingivitis or Periodontitis?

Gum disease can be treated in various ways by a dentist or periodontist. Treatment for gum disease is required if the gum pockets are at least 3.5 millimeters deep.

How much does Gum Disease Treatment Cost in Ventura?

Typical dental cleanings go from $50 to $75. Gum grafting can cost up to $250. Root planning and scaling range from $140 to $210. After treatment, periodontal maintenance typically costs $115.

Does dental insurance cover Periodontal Treatment in Ventura?

Your plan determines the insurance coverage. But up to the maximum yearly insurance, most dental insurance policies pay between 30 and 80% of the costs of periodontal therapy. At the time of treatment, a first co-payment can be required depending on your insurance status.

How much does Gum Disease Treatment cost without insurance in Ventura?

Depending on the severity of your periodontal disease, your dentist or periodontist will propose a treatment strategy. Depending on your dentist and where you live, a deep cleaning might cost anywhere from $140 to $300. Without insurance, surgical pocket reduction typically costs between $1000 and $3000. The price range for a single tissue or bone graft operation is between $600 and $1200.

Checkout the Success Rate of Periodontal Disease Treatment

The success rate of non-surgical periodontal treatment is 85% for single-rooted front teeth, 78% for premolar teeth, and 47% for molar teeth, according to research published in the National Library of Medicine.

Choose the Best Gum disease doctor Rohan Toor?

At Rohan Toor Dental Care, Dr. Rohan Toor is an experienced dentist and has helped many patients with gum disease. Call us at (805) 639-3050 to inquire about the cost of gum disease treatment near Ventura, California. See more about us.


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What is Gum Disease?

Gum inflammation, or gingivitis, is frequently brought on by a bacterial infection. If not treated on time, it can develop into periodontitis, a more dangerous infection. Typically, gingivitis, or gum inflammation, occurs before periodontitis or gum disease. But not all cases of gingivitis progress to periodontitis. Many individuals disregard the early signs of gingivitis. Minor symptoms might become severe issues for your mouth if they are not adequately treated. However, gingivitis may be avoided or treated by simply brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist for routine cleanings and examinations.

What are the Causes of Gum Disease?

The accumulation of plaque on your teeth is the main reason gum disease develops. Plaque is a bacterially-filled sticky material.

Plaque contains a variety of microorganisms, some of which may not be detrimental to your gums. If you do not regularly brush and floss your teeth to eliminate plaque, plaque builds up and irritates your gums. This may cause swelling, discomfort, and bleeding.

What are the Different Types of Gum Disease?

  • Gingivitis – Gum inflammation that is frequently brought on by bacterial infection.
  • Periodontitis – significant gum disease that might harm soft tissue and kill the tooth-supporting bone.
  • Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis (ANUG) – is a bacterial infection that results in discomfort, ulceration, swelling, and poor breath.

How to get rid of Gum Disease?

  • Gum disease deep cleaning - Scaling and root planing, another name for deep dental cleaning, uses specialized methods to remove plaque, tartar, and germs from below the gum line to the roots of the teeth.
  • Hydrogen peroxide for gum disease - By destroying the germs that cause gum disease, hydrogen peroxide applied to the gums helps decrease plaque. Hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen, which kills the anaerobic bacteria between the teeth.
  • Gum disease surgery - Your dentist or periodontist will decide the best surgery for your particular problem. Flap surgery, guided tissue regeneration, bone grafting, and soft tissue grafts are the many methods of periodontal surgery.
  • Gum disease medication - Plaque, gingivitis, and periodontal pockets are all controlled by the antibacterial chlorhexidine.
  • Antibiotic for gum disease - Gum disease is treated with antibiotics such as tetracycline, doxycycline, and minocycline.
  • Laser gum disease treatment - The periodontist uses a laser to cut away inflammatory gum tissue from the tooth root during periodontal laser treatment. After that, they clean away the tartar and plaque accumulation at the gum line.

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Ventura was founded by the Spanish in 1782, when Saint Junípero Serra established Mission San Buenaventura. Following the Mexican secularization of the Californian missions, San Buenaventura was granted by Governor Pío Pico to Don José de Arnaz as Rancho Ex-Mission San Buenaventura and a small community arose. Following the American Conquest of California, San Buenaventura eventually incorporated as a city in 1866. The 1920s brought a major oil boom, which along with the post–World War II economic expansion, significantly developed and expanded Ventura.

Ventura is located northwest of Los Angeles on the California coast. The western portion of the city stretches north along the Ventura River which is characterized by a narrow valley with steeply sloped areas along both sides.

Ventura is within a seismically active region like much of California and is crossed by several potentially active fault systems. The Ventura Fault is capable of an 8.0 earthquake and a local tsunami up to 23 feet in height. According to the United States Census Bureau, Ventura has a total area of 32.1 square miles (83 km2), of which 21.7 square miles (56 km2) is land and 10.4 square miles (27 km2), comprising 32.53%, is water.

The 2010 United States Census reported that Ventura had a population of 106,433. The population density was 3,316.2 inhabitants per square mile (1,280.4/km2).

Ventura is a popular tourist destination in Southern California, owing to its historic landmarks, beaches, and the local leisure economy. Businesses related to tourism and hospitality account for a significant portion of Ventura's economic activity.

Downtown Ventura is home to the Mission San Buenaventura, museums, galleries, dining, and shopping. Located in downtown is the historic Ortega Adobe, once home to the Ortega family known for chili products. Downtown Ventura is home to Ventura's ornate city hall. Downtown includes restaurants, wine bars, breweries, and the Rubicon Theatre Company.

Ventura has four college campuses: Ventura College of Law, Southern California Institute of Law, Santa Barbara Business College and Ventura College. Ventura College of Law is a non-profit law school founded in 1969. Ventura College is a community college, part of the Ventura County Community College District. Source: (Wikipedia)