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Teeth whitening is the process of lightening the shade of natural teeth with the use of home remedies and expert dental procedures. Teeth whitening removes stains left on teeth by everyday substances like coffee, berries, red wine, and cigarettes. Dr. Rohan Toor of Rohan Toor Dental Care has been doing teeth whitening procedures to help patients smile confidently since 2017. Drop by our office near Ventura for an affordable teeth whitening procedure.

According to the study Efficacy and persistence of tooth bleaching using a diode laser with three different treatment regimens by Al Quran, Firas A M et al., professional teeth whitening at the dentist combined with at-home teeth whitening showed less color retrogression after 6 months and demonstrated a more significant color change. According to the National Health Service (NHS), the results of tooth whitening can last up to 3 years. The results of teeth whitening are extended by practicing good oral hygiene, using teeth-staining products sparingly, and scheduling routine dental appointments. To book a teeth-whitening appointment close to you, call (805) 639-3050.

Do I need to whiten my teeth at dental office?

Teeth whitening is the best option for individuals who have healthy teeth and gums without restorations or fillings. Teeth whitening removes the stains and discoloration that developed on your teeth over time. The following individuals gain the most from teeth whitening Ventura procedures.

  • Individuals who eat foods like berries, spices and drink beverages like teak, coffee, red wine,   that can discolor and stain teeth quickly.
  • Individuals who smoke. Tobacco products stain and cause yellowish teeth.
  • Individuals who grind their teeth and get acid reflux.

Some people are not candidates for teeth whitening. The following conditions preclude people from having tooth whitening treatment.

  • Cavities, tooth decay, periodontal disease, and root exposure.
  • Dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, implants, and fillings.
  • Allergies to whitening or bleaching agents (peroxide).
  • Significant enamel loss.
  • Sensitive teeth.
  • Expectant or nursing women.
  • Children under the age of 16.

Post-Operative Instructions


How much does Teeth Whitening Cost?

Teeth whitening at the dentist’s office costs between $650 to $1,100. The factors that affect the cost of your teeth whitening service are the type of procedure, the severity of your teeth stains, the whitening agents utilized, and your dentist's level of teeth whitening experience.

How much do Whitening cost without insurance?

The cost of teeth whitening without insurance ranges from $650 ato $1,100. Teeth whitening procedures are typically not covered by dental insurance coverage because they are regarded as esthetic procedures.

How much is dental insurance coverage for Tooth Whitening?

About 50–80% for teeth-whitening procedures is covered by dental insurance. Teeth whitening with insurance might cost anywhere between $120 and $540. Very few dental insurance policies cover teeth whitening as they are seen as esthetic, Guardian Direct Diamond, Delta Dental PPO Individual (Premium Plan), Essential Choice PPO Platinum, and Ameritas PrimeStar Access are dental insurance policies that pay for teeth whitening.

How Long does Tooth Whitening at Dental Office Last on Average?

The National Health Service claims that the lifespan of teeth whitening is 6 months to 3 years. The duration of your white teeth depends on the kind of teeth-whitening product and procedure you use. The life of your teeth whitening procedure depends on the type of treatment and teeth whitening agent. A regular visit to your teeth whitening dentist, practicing good oral hygiene, and avoiding foods and beverages that discolor teeth will prolong the lifespan of your teeth whitening procedure.

Best tooth whitening dentist Dr. Rohan Toor near Ventura

Dr. Rohan Toor of Rohan Toor Dental Care has years of experience in teeth-whitening treatment. Dr. Rohan Toor will discuss with you your teeth whitening options to obtain a bright, confident smile. Dr. Rohan Toor will give you instructions after your teeth whitening procedure to guarantee that your beaming, white smile lasts. Visit our office near Ventura and whiten your teeth right away! Learn more About Us.


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Dr. Rohan Toor at Rohan Toor Dental Care provides superior teeth whitening treatment at a price that our neighbors in the area of Ventura can afford. To make an appointment, contact us at (805) 639-3050.


What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a procedure that involves lightening the shade of your natural teeth. Healthy, unrestored, yellowed teeth respond best to teeth whitening treatments. Both intrinsic and extrinsic tooth stains can be removed with teeth whitening procedure. Intrinsic stains are caused by exposure to minerals (tetracycline), trauma, aging, and excessive ingestion of fluoride that forms inside your teeth. Extrinsic stains are caused by tobacco products, dark foods, and other external factors that form on the surface of your teeth.

What are different ways to Whiten your teeth?

The color of teeth can be lightened using both at-home teeth whitening kits and professional dental whitening procedures. The most popular compounds used for tooth whitening are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. In the section after this one, we'll talk about your teeth-whitening options.

Laser Teeth Whitening at Dentist Office

Laser teeth is an aesthetic dental technique that uses a whitening gel and a pen-like laser. The whitening gel is applied to the stained teeth and heated with the pen-like laser. Individuals with one or two exceptionally stained teeth are good candidates for laser teeth whitening at the dentist office.

Professional Teeth Whitening Trays

Professional teeth whitening trays are specifically molded by your teeth whitening dentist for home use. Professional teeth whitening trays are used together with a whitening agent for roughly 2 weeks. A customized whitening tray hinders the whitening agent from dripping into your mouth and gums to prevent irritation.

Teeth Whitening Kit to Take Home

Teeth whitening kits are less expensive than the commercially available professional whitening trays. A mouthguard and a less concentrated bleaching agent are the components of teeth whitening kits. Since the mouthguards are not customized, there is a chance that the bleaching agent will leak into your mouth and gums. Look for the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance when buying teeth whitening home kits for safety and effectiveness.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are applied directly on the teeth to lighten their color. Teeth whitening strips are commercial products with reduced concentration of whitening agents, making them ineffective for severely stained teeth. Use American Dental Association (ADA) approved  teeth-whitening strips only.

Teeth Whitening Pen

A teeth whitening pen is a complacent plastic tube filled with a whitening gel. Teeth whitening pens remove common stains from coffee, tea, and red wine quickly. The brush tip allows you to apply the whitening gel even in the difficult-to-reach areas like in between gums. Use teeth whitening pens with professional teeth whitening for better and steady results.

LED Teeth Whitening

LED Teeth Whitening uses Light Emitting Diode (LED) to stimulate whitening agents in a teeth whitening procedure. A brighter, cooler light is used in LED Teeth Whitening treatment, targeting every tooth at once. Your teeth will become 6–8 shades whiter with the LED Teeth Whitening procedure.

How does Dentist Office Whitening of teeth work?

Consultation is the first step in professional teeth whitening at the dentist's office to

establish the ideal shade for your teeth. Applying a teeth-whitening gel at 15–30 minute intervals with a laser or LED light follows. Depending on your demands, teeth whitening Ventura treatments are often completed over a number of brief encounters. Limit your intake of food and beverages such as berries, fruit juices, red wine, tea, and coffee to sustain your white teeth.

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About Ventura

Ventura, officially named San Buenaventura (Spanish for "Saint Bonaventure"), is a city on the Southern Coast of California and the county seat of Ventura County. The population was 110,763 at the 2020 census. Ventura is a popular tourist destination, owing to its historic landmarks, beaches, and resorts.

Ventura was founded by the Spanish in 1782, when Saint Junípero Serra established Mission San Buenaventura. Following the Mexican secularization of the Californian missions, San Buenaventura was granted by Governor Pío Pico to Don José de Arnaz as Rancho Ex-Mission San Buenaventura and a small community arose. Following the American Conquest of California, San Buenaventura eventually incorporated as a city in 1866. The 1920s brought a major oil boom, which along with the post–World War II economic expansion, significantly developed and expanded Ventura.

Ventura is located northwest of Los Angeles on the California coast. The western portion of the city stretches north along the Ventura River which is characterized by a narrow valley with steeply sloped areas along both sides.

Ventura is within a seismically active region like much of California and is crossed by several potentially active fault systems. The Ventura Fault is capable of an 8.0 earthquake and a local tsunami up to 23 feet in height. According to the United States Census Bureau, Ventura has a total area of 32.1 square miles (83 km2), of which 21.7 square miles (56 km2) is land and 10.4 square miles (27 km2), comprising 32.53%, is water.

The 2010 United States Census reported that Ventura had a population of 106,433. The population density was 3,316.2 inhabitants per square mile (1,280.4/km2).

Ventura is a popular tourist destination in Southern California, owing to its historic landmarks, beaches, and the local leisure economy. Businesses related to tourism and hospitality account for a significant portion of Ventura's economic activity.

Downtown Ventura is home to the Mission San Buenaventura, museums, galleries, dining, and shopping. Located in downtown is the historic Ortega Adobe, once home to the Ortega family known for chili products. Downtown Ventura is home to Ventura's ornate city hall. Downtown includes restaurants, wine bars, breweries, and the Rubicon Theatre Company.

Ventura has four college campuses: Ventura College of Law, Southern California Institute of Law, Santa Barbara Business College and Ventura College. Ventura College of Law is a non-profit law school founded in 1969. Ventura College is a community college, part of the Ventura County Community College District. (Wikipedia)